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 Welcome, Recruits!

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PostSubject: Welcome, Recruits!   Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:18 pm


Welcome to the clan!

Our expectations are that you treat everyone as respectfully as you would your own friends and family in real life. That's what our clan is. We are friends and family.

We are about winning games through creative strategy and tactics. We applaud the achievements of our fellow members, and we are proud of our clan enough to always wear the clan tag [WMD] in-game. Our enemies that know us know to fear us. Those that do not quickly learn to respect us.

Our mission statement:

I hope you have found your way this far through the helpfulness of our members, and if you have any questions be sure to voice them here at the forum.

Try to stay in communication with the clan via the forum as regularly as possible. There are many days when there isn't much going on around here, and then there are others when the place is simply buzzing with activity.

We tend to play all through-out the day depending on the members in question so it's important to try to get everyone's PSN name on your list. Each member named here goes by their PSN name so it should be easy to add everyone. If someone's list is full, and you can't add them be sure to leave them a reminder via private message. They will typically be happy to make room for a new member.

Once again, welcome to the clan. I hope you enjoy it and stick around as long if not longer than those that you see here.

-V. Cool


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Welcome, Recruits!
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